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Ceramic mats BIO

Ceramic mats BIO are made of fibres bio-soluble and they are environment friendly. Mats are made of mixture of calcium, silicon and magnesium.

Mats are available in thicknesses 13, 25, 50 mm and width 610 mm, density 128 kg/m3. Temperature resistance of permanent working is 1100°C and 1260°C of temporary work.


  • resistant to water, grease, oils, liquid metal and most of acids
  • low thermal conductivity
  • good insulating features
  • low heat accumulation
  • chemical and thermal stability

Ceramic mats BIO can be used as thermal insulation in the construction of furnaces, boilers, drying, chimneys and as insulation of pipes and cables.

Thermal conductivity
°C W/m°K
200 0,048
400 0,087
600 0,135